Ready Steady Go..


I don’t think there’s an eloquent way to lay down that first “introduction blog”… Like, rolling through it in my head it all just seems real contrived and cheesy. Listing my most favorable qualities using fun quirky pros, summarizing things I intend to touch on in a way that makes them sound SUPER FUN!! Eye roll to all that. Also I already basically did that one in the “about me” section…  Because while I think it’s all very lame and insufferable, I’m not NOT gonna. Which is sort of typical. I’m always ultimately going to do the basic bitch thing, while snarking about how stupid the basic bitch thing I’m totally excited for really is. I’M A CONTRADICTION GUYS! I’M NOT JUST A REGULAR GIRL! Ugh… So stroll on over (with your clickity little fingers) to my aforementioned “about me”  if you’re searching for the requisite intro fare. So, now that this first blog strangeness is behind me, I’m gonna close it on out.

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